Dr. Johnathon P. Ehsani to Speak at PHTT 2016

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Johnathon P. Ehsani has been confirmed as a speaker at PHTT 2016.

Dr. Ehsani is a professor of Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. His professional experience includes working at the National Institutes of Health in the Division of Epidemiology Statistics and Prevention Research, as well as conducting research at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Dr. Ehsani’s work is committed to promoting safety and preventing injuries, and he has conducted research on various topics related to road safety and teenage driving risk behavior, including behavioral patterns in novice drivers, conscientious personality, and secondary task engagement, with focuses on both Australia and the U.S.

At the Public Health Think Tank 2016, Dr. Ehsani will deliver a talk on successful instances of traffic incident interventions and the lessons that can be learned from them.

The core team at PHTT is very excited to have Dr. Ehsani at this year’s conference, and sincerely hope you will join us there.