Old Core Team Members

The most critical aspect that contributes to the success of the Public Health Think Tank Conference is the group of people that make it happen. Two specific members of interest are Dhanya Baby and Sjur Hamre, both in their third-years at NYU Abu Dhabi and who have been a part of the core team in previous years.

Can you speak briefly about what interested/motivated you to rejoin the Core Team for this year’s PHTT conference?

dhanyaDhanya Baby: “This is the third year I’ve been involved with PHTT, first as a volunteer and as a core team member. I am again a core team member this year because the conference gives me an opportunity to help facilitate change in public health. PHTT gives students a unique opportunity to devise solutions for significant public health issues in the region, one of the first of its kind. We have students from different universities participating in the conference and for me, it’s a great way to meet others that are as passionate about public health as I am.”



sjurSjur Hamre: “To me, last year’s conference confirmed the tremendous impact successful public health interventions, and I got so excited by how strong proposals the participants were able to come up with in only a few days.”


Interview by Hala Aqel.



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